Solar for Tarnagulla Homes and Businesses

$500 exclusive solar and battery rebate for Tarnagulla residents and businesses.

(please note that the MASH Community Solar bulk-buy is open to everyone in Loddon Shire)

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This program is brought to you by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA), a not-for-profit organization that works with councils in Central and North West Victoria to encourage the uptake of renewable energy.

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$500 exclusive solar and battery rebate.

For residents and businesses in Tarnagulla

This rebate is available to eligible residents and businesses in Tarnagulla through the C4NET microgrid feasibility project for Tarnagulla. It is on top of existing Federal and State rebates.

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Your property address must have Tarnagulla in address line.

Available for either a new solar PV or a battery storage installation.

Can purchase through appointed supplier for the Mallee Sun bulk-buy or an alternative supplier of your choosing.

Residents who already have solar PV and want to increase the size of their solar PV system will also be eligible.

This rebate is on top of existing Federal and State rebates.

Customer must sign Tarnagulla Microgrid Feasibility Study data sharing agreement.

Download the data sharing agreement.

Tarnagulla Microgrid

Feasibility Project

Rural and regional communities tend to be at the end of the grid or have long distribution lines, leading to quality deterioration of the electricity supply. These communities and their businesses are seeking a balance of reliable, sustainable and low-cost electricity tailored to their needs.

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